The Dangers of Silence On Hold

What’s Wrong with Silence? Just imagine that you are calling a particular company, and then they put you on hold. While waiting, there’s just silence on the line. Pretty soon, your thoughts begin to wander and you start wondering. Are you still connected? Is anyone even trying to connect me to the person I’m supposed […] Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Increase Productivity at Work


It’s not really easy to convince our boss to give us a promotion and a raise if we’re not being productive at work, right? So before you ask for a raise, why not work on improving your productivity first? Here are some tips that can help: Don’t skip breakfast. Pushing yourself to be more productive […] Continue Reading →

8 Tips to Building That Perfect Auto Attendant

auto attendant

The auto attendant system enables the automatic transfer of callers to the proper department that can assist them. Some businesses seem to think that an auto attendant is just another answering machine service and that’s why they don’t put much thought into setting one up. They’re quite wrong, though. This system represents your company, and […] Continue Reading →

Creating On Hold Messages that Convert

No one likes to be put on hold, especially your customers. But it’s nearly impossible to always have someone readily available to answer each call straight away. Every company knows this. Fortunately, there are things you can do to enhance your caller’s experience and that is, by using a proper phone on hold message. An […] Continue Reading →