In Store Advertising

If you have a store, you can run your own advertisements and announcements as you see fit as part of your retail music system. You already have a “captive” audience, and your ads and messages can play along with your regular in-store music.  Of course, your audio advertisements and messages should come off as polished and professional. This is where Evolved Sound comes in. We can fashion, tweak and turn the message in the proper format to meet your business objectives.

Our talented team can assist to create retail store Advertisements, in-store messages, or in store promotions to meet your marketing and overall business objectives.

What Are Your Objectives?
Here at Evolved Sound, the scripts we develop can help you attain any of these:
•    Showcase your newest or most popular items, so that people will be aware of them. You can also promote various items with discounts or attached freebies.
•    Mention various awards and media attention that highlight your company’s achievements. These messages can mention whatever community charities you’re involved in, and also include any environmental efforts you may be undertaking.
•    Run seasonal greetings (for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, for example) or simply thank customers for supporting the store.
•    Feature and answer various FAQs so that your staff won’t be bothered too often with the same questions.
•    Introduce your employees so that there’s a more collegial atmosphere within the store. It’s like you all are friends, and there’s more of a celebratory mood going on


What Services Does Evolved Sound Provide?
We can do just about anything and everything for your retail audio messages. We can create messages from scratch, starting with the script that will fit within a given time slot. After all, you don’t want them to go on for too long!
Aside from the script, we can also provide the voice talent to humanize your message. We can make sure that the quality of the voice matches the identity you want to portray for your brand. Obviously, we can also make sure that these voice artists are all easy to understand.
Our advertisements and audio messages will also be produced according to prevailing professional digital recording standards. There won’t be ugly hisses and amateurish noises.
Finally, we can also help you create the appropriate retail music playlist that matches the preferences of your typical customer base. In fact, we have a huge audio catalogue from which you can select the songs you want to play for the whole day.


Our In Store Advertising Recording Service includes:

  • Tailored Advertisement Scripting (see below).
  • Voice Choices from our highly experienced Voice Over artists.
  • Custom Music & Playlist Selection from our comprehensive audio library (if required).
  • Studio production and mastering to radio broadcast standards.

Your in store advertising recordings are complete only when you are completely satisfied.

Final advertisements are loaded into your own Evolved Radio in store music system for professional playback.
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