In Store Music – Evolved Radio

We can help if you areevolved_radio-300×170

  • seeking a reliable and legal retail music system compared to the regular streaming services available.
  • painfully managing CDs or playing the radio with conflicting competitor advertisements.
  • fed up with the mp3 shuffle.
  • hearing varying volumes between songs.
  • playing unlicensed music and looking for a totally compliant solution.
  • wanting a tailored playlist more suited to your target market.
  • wishing to precisely schedule advertisements like your very own radio station.
  • wishing to have automatic music updates without timely and fiddly input from your staff.
  • wanting to centrally control the music playlist and advertisements for multiple stores.

…then welcome to Evolved Radio – fully automated and tailored music for retailers.

This is where we help you strategically connect, engage and embrace your target market with your own instore music radio channel. Our leading playback systems can be dynamically programmed as a Music Only or Music & Customised Advertisement retail music system.

Hear sample playlists with customised advertisements

Other music only samples

It has been scientifically proven that playing carefully selected music compositions to valued customers, guests,  staff and patrons delivers measurable results. This can be significantly more important than visual displays and interior designs.

Plus recent technology advancements now mean that you can automatically schedule advertisements announcements just like the radio stations do. This creates a fully tailored in store music program within your business – something that only major supermarket chains could afford in the past.

From improving ambience in hollow environments all the way to directly increasing sales, Evolved Sound can assist with essential retail background music systems.

Put simply, a happier shopper will stay longer, spend more money and ultimately be inspired to return more frequently. That positive music experience remains relevant, exciting and consistent to your target shoppers.

The Evolved Radio experience includes:

  • Extensive instrumental in store music playlists which are free from any licensing.
  • Commercially released retail music playlists spanning all types of moods, tempos, genres you could possibly imagine.
  • Leading voice over artists who can record your commercials for maximum results.
  • Very talented script writing professional who can formulate fully developed retail store advertisements that speak the language of your target shopper.
  • Reliable fully digital playback systems, featuring automatic playlist refreshes,  flexible advertisement scheduling, low repetition, open hour scheduling, social media integration, telephone on hold playback and the list goes on.

Your retail background music system will always be in fantastic hands!

The team at Evolved Sound bring together over 20 years of industry experience. You can rely on us for world leading technology, the most comprehensive playlists, and expert strategic marketing advice along the way.

Evolved Radio has already showed fantastic results in:

  • Music for Retailers
  • Shopping Centres and Shopping Arcades
  • Health & Beauty Facilities
  • Medical Waiting & Consulting Rooms
  • Public Arenas
  • Aquatic & Leisure Centre
  • Fitness Centres  & Gyms
  • Tourist Attractions & Museums
  • Education Facilities
  • Resorts / Hotels / Motels /
  • RSL Clubs / Casinos / Gaming Venues
  • Health Wellness Facilities
  • Outdoor Arenas
  • Reception Venues
  • Passenger Transfer Buildings & Airports
  • Waiting Areas / Receptions / Entrances / Foyers
  • Eateries / Restaurants / Cafes
  • Call Centres / Office Environments
  • Convention Centres
  • Roller & ICE Skating Rinks
  • Display Homes / Land Release Sales Offices
  • Car Dealerships
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience Stores

Evolved Radio in store music is perfect for single sites or a chain of retail stores wanting a consistent and targeted sound across all stores.