Voice Over Policies

Confirmed Script

This is the finalised script, as approved by the client to be submitted to studio and recorded.  It is the responsibility of the client to provide any questionable pronunciations, words, phrases or acronyms prior to the recording of the Confirmed Script.  These clarifications can be provided in the form of an audio file and/or notation(s) within the Confirmed Script.

If applicable, along with the Confirmed Script, the Client should also advise of any desired technical specifications, including but not limited to:

  • Sampling Rate.
  • Bit Rate.
  • File Format.
  • Encoding Format.


A commercial is a recorded advertisement for broadcast that typically runs for 15, 30 or 60 seconds.

Sweepers, Liners and Tags

Typically run for 15 seconds or less.

Narrative Scripts

These are generally longer than 60 seconds, and are used for projects that include informative videos, websites, multimedia and on hold messages.  Our rates are based on the finished recorded length without any further editing.

Production Service

This covers extra work undertaken by us apart from the Voice Over recording.  This can include everything from simple editing to more advanced techniques such as producing an advertisement, adding suitable music or specialist audio processing. This service is quoted on a ‘per job’ basis.


A “Re-Take” is provided if the client is not satisfied with the way the material has been performed by the Voice Artist(s).  This is performed one time at no charge provided the Confirmed Script remains the same.

Urgent Orders

If you need your production right away, please let us know.  We will inform you as to which Voice Artists are available immediately.


When the client changes the Confirmed Script after it has been recorded, they are subject to Re-recording charges in addition to the original fee.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with the final recording, we will Re-Take it for FREE, providing the Confirmed Script remains the same.

Different Voice Artists and Artist Availability

As the Voice Artists are real people, their usage is subject to their availability.  We only engage artists who are competent and capable of working under the demands of our business.  If the client chooses to have their production re-recorded with a different Voice Artist after the production has been completed, they are subject to Re-recording charges in addition to the original fee.