Telephone On Hold

Customised On Hold Messaging is one of the most accessible and effective marketing tools available today.  As it is the customer who must initiate contact, there is already a distinct advantage that will translate into sales.

Evolved Sound delivers industry leading Telephone On Hold Messages and On Hold Music services that help New Zealand businesses turn On Hold time into a powerful business strategy.

We have total phone marketing solutions for New Zealand businesses currently running:

  • PABX / PBX  multiple phone line systems.
  • Single landline phone systems.
  • Voice Over IP  phones.
  • Phone systems systemically networked across office sites locally, nationally or internationally.

After learning the unique selling points of your business, we will then use this information to craft powerful, persuasive messages that meet your precise needs.  These messages onhold will then be digitally recorded by our talented Voice Artists.

Our innovative Messages On Hold solutions keep our clients from having to pay licensing fees to regulatory or governing bodies, which can translate into remarkable savings…particularly if your business utilises multiple phone lines.

Once the recording is finished, it is then enhanced with complimentary music on hold, and loaded into one of our Digital On Hold Systems for reliable playback.  Our latest Digital On Hold players provide amazing clarity, as well as the flexibility of simple update options.  Once installed, we guarantee that our players will run flawlessly for many years to come.

Think of us as the AUDIO MARKETING ARM …providing continuous updates as your business changes along the way.

If you are currently working with another on hold message supplier, take a look around. You may like what you see and hear here.

To fully understand everything that we can do for your business, be sure to browse the “Telephone On Hold” section of this site.