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EVOLVED Radio boosts sales, creates an engaging experience and builds connections via your very own tailored radio station. You can look forward to managed background music for retail, automated updating and targeted advertising.
Our reliable background music solutions delivers exceptional sound quality, easy updating and dynamic scheduling.

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Expert Scripting

Our expert advertising writers will create overhead messages that best communicate your unique value points. Your advertisements scripts will be tailored specifically to resonate with your target shoppers.

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Premium Voices

Your advertisements are recorded by our leading voice artists. Professionals who know how to connect with your target customers, not at them in relatable and friendly voices.

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Precise Recordings

Your in-store advertisements will be produced to our highest standards to ensure they best connect with your demographic. You’ll receive a sensational impression and opportunity to cross or up-sell further.

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Massive Playlists

We will advise on the most suitable music genres and playlists to meet marketing and branding goals. Enjoy thousands of hand picked music tracks and new releases continually added automatically.

Are you?

  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Looking for a legal and reliable retail store music system compared to the consumer streaming service offerings?
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Painfully managing CDs or playing the radio with competitor advertisements?
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Fed up with the mp3 shuffle.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Hearing varying volumes between songs.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Playing unlicensed music and looking for a totally compliant solution.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Wanting a tailored playlist more suited to your target market.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Wishing to precisely schedule advertisements like your very own radio station.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Wishing to have automatic music updates without timely and fiddly input from your staff.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue Wanting to centrally control the music playlist and advertisements for multiple stores.

…then welcome to Evolved Radio – fully automated and tailored background music for retail.

This is where we help you strategically connect, engage and embrace your target market with your own in store radio channel. Our background music retail systems can be dynamically programmed as a Music Only or Music & Customised Advertisement retail music system.

Evolved Radio background music for retail includes:

Your retail store music will always be in fantastic hands!

The team at Evolved Sound bring together over 20 years of industry experience. You can rely on us for world leading technology, the most comprehensive retail background music playlists, and expert strategic marketing advice along the way.

Evolved Radio has already showed fantastic results in

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  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Shopping Centres and Shopping Arcades
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Health & Beauty Facilities
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Medical Waiting & Consulting Rooms
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Public Arenas
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Aquatic & Leisure Centre
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Fitness Centres  & Gyms
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Tourist Attractions & Museums
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Education Facilities
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Resorts / Hotels / Motels
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White RSL Clubs / Casinos / Gaming Venues
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Health Wellness Facilities
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Outdoor Arenas
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Reception Venues
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Passenger Transfer Buildings & Airports
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Waiting Areas / Receptions / Entrances / Foyers
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Eateries / Restaurants / Cafes
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Call Centres / Office Environments
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Convention Centres
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Roller & ICE Skating Rinks
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Display Homes / Land Release Sales Offices
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Car Dealerships
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Supermarkets
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon White Convenience Stores

Evolved Radio in store music is perfect for single sites or a chain of retail stores wanting a consistent and targeted sound across all stores.

It has been scientifically proven that playing carefully selected music compositions to valued customers, guests,  staff and patrons delivers measurable results. This can be significantly more important than visual displays and interior designs.

Plus recent technology advancements now mean that you can automatically schedule advertisements announcements just like the radio stations do. This creates a fully tailored in store music program within your business – something that only major supermarket chains could afford in the past.

From improving ambience in hollow environments all the way to directly increasing sales, Evolved Sound can assist with essential retail background music systems.

Put simply, a happier shopper will stay longer, spend more money and ultimately be inspired to return more frequently. That positive music experience remains relevant, exciting and consistent to your target shoppers.

Listen to example retail store playlists with advertisements

  • Everyday Mix / Easy Listening 00:00
  • Chart Hits 00:00
  • Energy Beats 00:00

Other background music for retail samples

  • Easy Listening 00:00
  • Contemporary Instrumental licence free 00:00
  • Chillout Instrumental licence free 00:00
  • Chillout Lounge 00:00
  • Cocktail Martini 00:00
  • Groove Cafe 00:00
  • Jazz Instrumental 00:00
  • Youth Upbeat 00:00
  • Jazzy Upbeat 00:00
  • Smooth Jazz 00:00
  • Smooth Sounds – mid tempo 00:00
  • Smooth Sounds – high tempo 00:00


Picking us to help you with your background instore music needs will automatically boost your business, because we’re the one stop shop for instore music:
•    We have a large library of music you can use. That means you won’t have to repeat songs too often, which can then sound extremely tiresome especially for your employees and repeat customers. These include commercial popular songs for which you may need licenses. We can take care of all the legalities, so that you know for a fact that everything about the music you’re playing is above board.
•    The playlists are often revised and regularly updated, so that if you want modern music you won’t eventually end up with “dated” songs that the youth may no longer appreciate.
•    We can help prepare your “advertisements” in between songs. We can take care of the whole advertisement recording process, and that includes coming up with the right script to promote your products, discounts, and your brand.
•    We can even help in setting up your audio hardware. If you have an existing sound system, then you’ll appreciate the “plug and play” nature of our music service. But if you don’t have an audio system yet, we can help you get the right amplifiers and speakers so that everyone in your shop can enjoy the quality of the music you’re playing.

We can discuss the number, though the recommended standard number of advertisements for your shop to play per hour ranges from 8-12. They tend to last about 15 to 30 seconds each. You can’t really play too many advertisements too frequently, because that will just turn off your customers. The same thing happens when your ads run for too long. You will want to play only a short advertisement in between songs. Also, it’s best if the same ad plays only after every 10 or 20 minutes, and not after every 3 minutes!

That depends on your needs and preferences. Some of our music packages call for an update every 6 months. Other packages may have updates and advertisement changes every week or month. As a boutique service you can customise the package to whatever you want or need.

It isn’t complicated at all. In fact, we offer “turnkey” in store music packages with playlists ready to go. For ads, we have talented script writers and voice talents along with recording professionals, so the entire recording process is a snap. We also offer ongoing support for anything that can go wrong, and that includes faulty audio equipment. Basically, you can leave everything to us and you can concentrate on running your business instead.
So call us.

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