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Evolved TV will help boost sales, enhance branding, automate marketing and improve engagement via your own custom TV station. With Evolved TV you can create unique experiences and measurable marketing campaigns.

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Curated Music Videos

Evolved TV can power a highly engaging entertainment system. With the option for Curated Music Videos, combined with live content feeds, scheduled information and promotions; you can now re-invent the customer experience.

Very Easy & Full Control

From one screen to a chain of sites Evolved TV helps you efficiently craft, schedule and run marketing images, sounds and visuals. Capture more attention of your customers to build stronger connections.

Live Content Feeds

Keep things live and interactive by showcasing current sport, news or weather feeds on demand. By displaying live dynamic content you can look forward to increased customer engagement.

Set the Mood

From raising ambience to elevating moods, Evolved TV supports a range of mood enhancing content from humour to tranquility and everything in between. Let Evolved TV help set the right tone for your environment.

Security & Reliability

Evolved TV is engineered with enterprise level security, password and firewall policies, player lockdown and content encryption. Enjoy a secure and reliable content management experience with our latest playback technology.

Superior Service

All Content Updates are supplied online for automated site download. Evolved TV allows you to enjoy an exceptionally smooth and scalable screen management experience.

Key Benefits

Evolved TV helps you execute a total omnichannel marketing strategy. Our platform makes it easy to reach customers with the most relevant engaging content at the right time.  The benefits include: 

Evolved TV - Package Inclusions

Elevate your Environment

Corporate Communications
Retail, Hospitality, Cafes & Bars
Entertainment Venues & Clubs

FAQ - Background Music Solutions

YES - you can easily start with 1 or a few screens with easy upgrade paths available as needed. Evolved TV is very flexible and you can always look forward to seamless scalability.

We support multiple user logins who can be granted full or more granular access to the Evolved TV portal. For example you could have your graphic artist have access to the media or design layout sections for one or multiple screen, while your marketing person could be granted a login to just work on content scheduling. Evolved TV makes creating specific user and permission levels super easy.

When you partner with Evolved Sound we first work backwards to understand your customer experience, marketing and business goals. We can then tailor an Evolved TV solution that will turn your ideas into reality. Evolved TV is designed for simplicity to manage, but without compromising on an ever growing list of programming capabilities. From small screen campaigns to a networked screen solution we can help deliver outstanding and measurable results. Being broader than simply a digital signage business, we can also directly assist with other experience marketing services including overhead music with custom advertising and tailored on hold messages.

You can easily create a 2x2 or 3x 3 video wall matrix for example and manage all programming through the same Evolved TV portal.

Evolved TV incorporates industry leading security encryption. The player software is always firewalled, even within your network. Furthermore advanced users can customise security features to even higher levels.

Yes! For short periods of time Evolved TV will operate as programmed if the internet goes down. The internet is required though for active monitoring, content changes and technical updates.

Content that requires live connection such as social media, YouTube and live RSS feeds will be interrupted if the internet access is lost.

We support all computer monitors and TV resolutions including widescreen. The primary support resolution is 1920×1080 which is commonly known as “1080p” plus or “Full HD”. 4K is also supported. Multiple orientations are not a problem too, which means you can display in landscape or portrait mode.

While standard Digital TVs screens are fine, for best long term results we always recommend commercial grade displays.

All you need is an Evolved TV playback device which is permanently connected to the internet for monitoring playback and managing content and at least one suitable screen to connect it to.

This is not recommended for professional business level displays, but is still widely acceptable for basic situations where static content needs to display with infrequent updating.

USB updating will also take much longer to regularly update and will not allow you to easily scale your marketing campaign across multiple screens or sites.                       

At best USB powered signage is typically limited to playing a sequence of files and will require manual restart when the TV boots again.

If you are serious about leveraging on amazing visual capabilities, automation and scalability a cloud controlled solution will always ensure you’re in full control.

Just about any media or document that can be displayed via a standard computer screen. 

From PowerPoint files and images to web pages and social media pages, Evolved TV has your audience attention. You can also combine various media sources to create a unique screen layout. We also support live and rich media display including online streaming videos and RSS content feeds. Furthermore, you can use the drag and drop Widgets to easily display dynamic content including Rich Text, live news feeds and content from countless other popular online applications.

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