Licence Free On Hold Music

We offer a comprehensive choice of licence free music on hold which can be played to your valued callers.

Our instrumental on hold music tracks are licence free, so your business is exempt from paying any additional fees to music governing bodies. We can also supply commercial on hold music and arrange licensing as an alternative option. We make it totally easy to buy on hold music that really is the best in the business!

Choose Your Own On Hold Music Package

It works like this...

  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue 1. Evolved Sound will quote on suitable package options.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue 2. Simply review and select music compositions from Evolved Sound’s Music Library.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue 3. Email us the music tracks you have chosen, together with your order details.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue 4. Evolved Sound will prepare the music and system for delivery if required.

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Evolved Sound presents ‘Jazz Planet’

As a snippet from our library Evolved Sound has teamed up with some smooth musicians to offer you this brilliant Jazz CD – Jazz Planet. Bringing together members from diverse locations around the world and through the help of the digital glue of the internet, ‘Funkdawgs’ was formed. This connectivity provides a magical interaction of seasoned jazz musicians who share a passion for jazz funk. The CD’s energetic jazz funk provides a musical pulse you can feel, a rush of excitement you feel the first time and every time you listen to these innovative artists. Their collaborations and musical horizons are indeed borderless.

The Funkdawgs provide their unique jazz funk blend with extended solos spread over 12 dynamically fulfilling tracks.

Jazz Planet - Evolved Sound
  • Jazz Planet 00:00

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