In Store Music Advisory

Evolved Sound are experts in creating retail playlists that boost the shopping experience, to increase customer spending and returned visits.

We offer a range of playlists from Chart, Groove, Easy Listening and Rock, all the way to Jazz, Classic Hits and Contemporary sounds.

When you are a one-person company its easy to just pick any song or music that suits your personal taste.  When you have employees and customers in your place of business, your personal preferences should take a back seat. You will need the right in store music if you want to achieve your company’s objectives.
The good news is the team at Evolved Sound have access to music from all over the world, so that you can create the right background music for your store and environment. With our retail music playlists, we can help you define your brand so that it resonates and connects with your targeted customer base. We can offer literally hundreds and sometimes thousands of songs per playlist, so repetition is greatly reduced.

Types of Evolved Radio Playlists

So what kinds of playlists are available? We can offer you different kinds that will suit different demographics. Here are just some examples:

Of course these playlists can be customised so that you can mix different types of playlists and create unique blends. You can always insert some of your employees’ favourite songs to improve morale. Evolved Sound is here to help you finalise your playlists, so that your retail music system works like a charm your brand and shoppers delight!

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