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Picture of a sorry we are closed retail sign.

The Essential Elements to Professional After Hours Recordings

Whether your business is open for only a certain number of hours on a few days a week or 24 hours a day, seven days …

A male and female office worker reviewing a customer service strategy.

The Essential Guide to Building a Customer Service Strategy

Top-notch customer service is essential for any business. Without an excellent customer service strategy, any business can go under. If you are a business owner, …

Two male dentists in a dental clinic looking at a screen.

Dental On Hold Messages – How to Engage Valued Callers

Advertising is expensive and time-consuming, so dental clinics should take advantage of time with their patient as much as possible. Here are some ways to …

Interior of a mens fashion shop.

How to Create an Amazing Music Experience for your Shoppers

It can feel ominous and uncomfortable when people go into stores without any sounds or music. Due to this, many businesses will add in store …

Picture of a vet providing care to a cat.

Vet Clinic On Hold Messages: How to Engage & Relax Callers

No one likes to be put on hold. It’s one of the single most annoying experiences that you can have over the phone. Even if …


The Value in Professional On Hold Messages Compared to Recording Yourself

Introduction: What if we tell you that ordinary phone recordings can potentially make you lose up to 90% of your callers? On the other hand, …

A modern shopping mall where the customer experience can be improved with the right music.

Setting the Perfect Retail Background Music for your Customer’s Mood

Music is everywhere. You can hear it at home, at public parks, on the road, and much more within shopping malls, stores, and other establishments. …


Can Voice Powered Search Strategies Be Applied to Your Business Phone System?

In 2011, the game in customer service changed considerably. It was apparent that businesses would soon adopt artificial intelligence in their systems, and they were …


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