Commercially Released Music On Hold

Imagine being able to play commercially released music on hold without having to worry about all the issues and pitfalls that goes with connecting the local radio on hold.

Now you can play everything from the latest Top 40 music to Classic Hits and everything in between.

This can also be a lot more engaging and targeted compared to playing traditional elevator style instrumental on hold music. It can also help your callers relax to greater levels if they can relate to the music more specifically.

Evolved Sound can assist to curate, supply and licence commercially released on hold music.

Commercially Released Music On Hold package inclusions

So why choose Evolved Sound for commercial on hold music? Here are the main reasons:

1.    We can help you with the playlist selection. We know the best kind of music for any type of demographic, and enable you to “connect” better with customers of any age. We can calm them down and also keep them interested in your brand. The music may include the latest popular songs, and we can tailor the playlist selection to help define your brand more clearly.
2.    We offer regular updates. You can’t keep playing the same songs over and over, particularly for repeat callers. That can get quite tiresome after a while, and eventually the music can get dated. If you want to play current chart music, we can make sure you really stay current! With constant musical refreshes, repeat callers won’t hear the same  songs again and again.
3.    We can handle all necessary licensing requirements. Laws regarding intellectual properties like music can be complicated, especially when you want to use commercial songs to boost your business. We can take care of this for you, and help deliver an amazing caller experience. You can relax in knowing that all the licenses you need for the songs you want to play on hold will be obtained so that everything is above board.
4.    We can make sure the audio playback quality sounds fantastic too! We offer professional playback hardware along with master quality music copies to ensure that your phone system plays your chosen music at professional industry standards.
Nowadays, generic classical music doesn’t always quite cut it. That sound can be very middle of the road at best, and it does not justice to separate your brand’s identity from the rest of your competition. In fact, standard classical music may even present an identity that’s different from the brand you want or should be conveying.

With our assistance you can ensure that your callers enjoy the right kind of music when they call you up and are placed on hold. The music can keep them on the line for far longer, and they may not even resent the wait time. The power of music is greater than you can imagine, provided that you use the right music for your customers and valued callers.

Find out today how commercial on hold music can set the right tone for your business.

evolve your business with trailored on hold music

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