Message Recording Service

With information you provide, we carefully formulate on hold messages to meet your business, customer relationship and marketing objectives.

The Evolved Message Recording Service includes:

  • Creative Message Scripting assistance (see below).
  • Premium Voice Selection from our highly talented voice artists.
  • Comprehensive Music Selection from our massive music library.
  • Recording and Mastering to commercial broadcast standards.

Your recordings become final only when you’re 100% happy with the final sound!

We then give you the option of having your messages produced in a specialised digital format to then be loaded easily into one of our On Hold Systems.  In addition, we also have the capabilities of producing VoIP messages on hold.  Our Voice Over IP On Hold messages are produced for optimum playback clarity over Internet Based phone systems.

Custom produced On Hold music and Messages produced by Evolved Sound are licence free, so your business won’t be required to pay any additional fees to governing bodies including APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) and PPNZ (PPNZ Music Licensing Limited). This results in significant yearly savings, particularly when multiple external lines or locations exist. Please note that these same laws also apply to VoIP Messages On Hold. Any example of this are offices running Cisco, Polycomo or SNOM VoIP phone systems.


Creative Message Scripting Service

After learning the ins and outs of your business, we get to work!  Our expert copywriters craft messages that explain to callers what your business is all about, and how they will benefit from utilising your services.  Once the message is exactly the way you want it, you and ONLY YOU may exercise final script approval.

Common scripting subjects:

  • Advertise a new product or service range.
  • Respond to frequently asked questions.
  • Integrate company promotions.
  • Seasonal greetings.
  • Advise of changes to administrative information.
  • Thank clients for their ongoing business and support.
  • Highlight recent company achievements.
  • Introduce staff members.
  • Tips and Tricks.
  • Light hearted information such as related trivia or comedic interludes.

The list goes on!


IVR / Voicemail Message Recording Service

Our services extent to:

  • Interactive Voice Recording (IVR Messages).
  • Message Queue prompts and Auto Attendants.
  • After hours messages.
  • Voicemail greetings for mobile, office, home and personal message banks.
  • Traditional answering machine messages.

For customised messages that both welcome and educate your callers, Evolved Sound is second to none!  We promise to provide you with superior work that is sure to fit your budget.  From small businesses to large corporations, Evolved Sound will get your business to where you need it to be.