On Hold Equipment

Our latest On Hold players provide excellent sound quality as well as fantastic flexibility, allowing for numerous updating options.  Once connected, your system will run flawlessly for many years to come.

Flash Drive On Hold System

Simply connect this commercial grade player for continuous on hold playback.



  • Very reliable and exceptional sound quality.
  • Automatically restarts after power surge / loss of power.
  • Equipped with a USB Flash Drive cartridge for easy updating.
  • Optional SD slot for storing content and / or updating via a SD card.
Suitable for businesses thatWould like to continuously play an extensive catalogue of pre-recorded audio content for telephone on hold or other retail / point of sale applications.
  • Fully digital system with no moving parts for maximum reliability.
  • USB Flash Drive included.
  • Plays a continuous stream of mp3 recording(s) in a loop (repeat ONE or repeat ALL).
  • Works with all PABX / PBX phone systems with an on hold audio input.
  • Storage capacity is only limited by the size of the USB Flash Drive.
  • Tracks can be selected via a push button.
  • 1 track can be set to continuously play on repeat, or all tracks can be set to run from start to finish, then repeat again (repeat ALL).
  • Recorded content is pre-programmed onto the USB Flash Drive.
  • Digital volume controls.
  • On / Off button.
  • Repeat 1 track or ALL tracks button.
  • Track select forward or backwards button(depends upon content).
  • Volume increase button.
  • Volume decrease button.
  • Power On LED.
  • 3.5mm output sockets – Line Out (stereo).
  • Audio socket (connects to telephone on hold Line Isolation Unit).
  • Power DC 12 Volts – 500 mA socket connection for power.
Media Format
  • MP3
DimensionsL = 19 cm x W = 11 cm x H = 3cm
Technical RequirementsProviding your business phone system has the ability to place callers on hold and / or currently has an audio device  (such a radio) connected onhold then your business is fully compatible. Our Flash Drive On Hold System simply needs to be connected, switched on and it will run continuously without fail.

Software On Hold System

Our Software On Hold system plays your on hold messages and music from an existing office MS Windows computer. The software runs in the background, while still allowing the computer to be used for other functions.

evolved_on_hold_software_large software_on_hold_connection_diagram

  • Ability to schedule the commencement and expiration dates of on hold messages.
  • Ability to priorities messages according to rotation and what you would like to be heard more often.
  • Allows for fast updates by email.
  • Very cost effective, as it operates using your existing infrastructure.
Suitable for businesses thatRequire timely and immediate control over each on hold message and music track and / or foresee the need for more frequent content updates.
  • Real time mixing of messages and music to create an endless dynamic on hold program.
  • Message scheduling to commence and expire on certain dates, days of the week or times of day.
  • Fully digital audio ensures that your content always sounds great, clear and easy to listen to.
  • Almost unlimited message and music capacity.
  • Uses the latest state of the art ‘fuzzy logic’ formula to achieve the optimal message on hold and music on hold rotation rate.
  • Instant user control over content scheduling.
Technical RequirementsThe Software On Hold System operates following installation on a Microsoft Windows based computer, with the sound card permanently connected to the Phone System. The Phone System is defined as the central PBX / PABX control box where all individual phones connect into. Ideally the computer that will be running the software should be located within 4 metres of the Phone System PBX. If the distance is longer, a cabler or electrician may be required to carefully run the audio cord. The Phone System must also be on hold compatible with a Line Isolation Unit. If the Line Isolation Unit doesn’t exist, this can easily be installed for most phone systems during a standard call out service by the customers preferred phone technician.