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If you run a shop, it makes a lot of sense to play music in the background. Music brings about a sense of life and activity, and at the very least it signals potential customers that you are open for business.

But you can’t just put in place a random retail music system. To maximise the benefits, you can get from your background music, you will need to set up the right retail music playlist. You may also have advertisements in between songs that can inform your customers about the items you’re selling and the discounts you’re offering.  Simply playing the local radio or piped music from your Ipod has proven to deliver less favourable results in retail spaces.

For years, salons and delis just turned the radio on and that was that for their in store music. But then the business proprietors didn’t have a say as to what kind of music the radio station would play. These may be songs that their customers didn’t care much for. Also, the radio station may even play advertisements that featured a competitor of your business.
Piping in your own iPod music, as it turns out, isn’t exactly ideal either. There may be copyright issues, since you’re playing other people’s music to boost your own business. There’s also the fact that your favourite songs may not be suitable for your customer base. Also, you may end up playing the same songs day in and day out, and that can get tiresome in a hurry.

You Need the Right Music mix for Retail Stores

Did you know that your background music can directly affect your staff and your customers - which in turn affects your profit margins? This has been proven time and again in various studies.

Did you know that your background music can directly affect your staff and your customers—which in turn affects your profit margins? This has been proven time and again in various studies.

Let’s start with your employees. Obviously it matters a lot if your employees are in a good mood or not. If they’re feeling upbeat and good, then their sunny disposition leads to better interactions with customers and a higher energy level for work. They’ll regard the workplace as a happy place to be in. On the other hand, if you play music that your workers hate, they’ll resent having to be there in your shop. They’ll be surly towards your customers, and they’ll drag their feet at work. The effect is even greater when you gear your music playlists towards the preferences of your customers. The right music will call to them like a siren song, and the music can keep them there longer in your shop. They will feel a greater connection with your brand, simply because you’re playing their music. It’s as if you know them, or that you are one of them. 

Music affects mood, and that’s true for the background music you play as well. If you’re running a coffee shop, then perhaps you can play some chill out music or alternative rock to get your caffeine hipster patrons to relax. You can play some current hot songs to attract the attention of the youth, and you may even get them to buy a lot. After all, with how energetic many modern songs are these days, may customer can enjoy “retail therapy”!

Now that we have addressed the most pertinent details, please take a moment to read our FAQs regarding instore music:

Why Choose Evolved Sound?

Picking us to help you with your background instore music needs will automatically boost your business, because we’re the one stop shop for instore music:

  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue We have a large library of music you can use. That means you won’t have to repeat songs too often, which can then sound extremely tiresome especially for your employees and repeat customers. These include commercial popular songs for which you may need licenses. We can take care of all the legalities, so that you know for a fact that everything about the music you’re playing is above board.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue The playlists are often revised and regularly updated, so that if you want modern music you won’t eventually end up with “dated” songs that the youth may no longer appreciate.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue We can help prepare your “advertisements” in between songs. We can take care of the whole advertisement recording process, and that includes coming up with the right script to promote your products, discounts, and your brand.
  • Evolved Sound - Arrow Icon Blue We can even help in setting up your audio hardware. If you have an existing sound system, then you’ll appreciate the “plug and play” nature of our music service. But if you don’t have an audio system yet, we can help you get the right amplifiers and speakers so that everyone in your shop can enjoy the quality of the music you’re playing.

How Many Advertisements Can You Get?

We can discuss the number, though the recommended standard number of advertisements for your shop to play per hour ranges from 8-12. They tend to last about 15 to 30 seconds each. You can’t really play too many advertisements too frequently, because that will just turn off your customers. The same thing happens when your ads run for too long. You will want to play only a short advertisement in between songs. Also, it’s best if the same ad plays only after every 10 or 20 minutes, and not after every 3 minutes!

How Often Can You Make Updates and Changes to Your Music and Ads?

That depends on your needs and preferences. Some of our music packages call for an update every 6 months. Other packages may have updates and advertisement changes every week or month. As a boutique service you can customise the package to whatever you want or need.

How Complicated Is It to Use?

It isn’t complicated at all. In fact, we offer “turnkey” in store music packages with playlists ready to go. For ads, we have talented script writers and voice talents along with recording professionals, so the entire recording process is a snap. We also offer ongoing support for anything that can go wrong, and that includes faulty audio equipment. Basically, you can leave everything to us and you can concentrate on running your business instead. So call us.

You need music for your store, and for the best music playlists and ads you need us. We take care of your needs through our professional instore music system—that’s what we do best!

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