How Telephone Hold Messages Can Raise the Caller Experience

Whenever someone calls your business, the ideal scenario is to have a real person answer as quickly as possible. It is not always going to be possible when you only have a few staff answering calls and too many callers to accommodate. They will have to be put on hold, obviously, but you can entertain them with your telephone hold messages while they wait.

Doing this is better for your callers because they’re able to form a more positive view of your brand when you have them listen to your telephone messages, rather than just let them hear music they may or may not like.

So how do these telephone hold messages benefit your callers?

Reassurance That They Haven’t Been Forgotten

A voice on the phone seems a lot more reassuring, even if that voice is prerecorded. It’s been proven by so many studies that people are more willing to wait and stay on the line longer when they have a message to listen to.

One study showed that on average a caller who is placed on hold will wait for up to 4 minutes before they hang up if they have a marketing message to listen to. That’s compared to only 2 and a half minutes when they just listen to music. Silence is the worst option, as that causes people to hang up in less than a minute.

Better Sense of Your Professionalism

Callers are reassured when they hear prerecorded messages because they make your business seem professional. Fly-by-night companies won’t bother with the expenses and effort in setting up these telephone hold messages. If your business bothers to make the effort and spend money in the process shows that you’re a serious business, and that’s the kind of business that most callers want to deal with.

Awareness about Your Products and Services

Your callers may have an impression about your brand that isn’t quite as accurate as you’d want them to be. For example, they may think that your business is only about selling office chairs and tables, when in fact you sell a long list of office supplies. When they learn this, they may then purchase their office supplies from your business instead of from your competition.

Learn About Special Deals

Maybe you’re offering a discount on some of your products and services, or perhaps you’re offering a new product you haven’t offered before. By learning about sales and new products, they can then buy these items from your business and enjoy fantastic savings.

These are just some of the benefits that callers can enjoy when you have the right telephone hold messages. Choose your messages, know what to highlight and pick the perfect voice over, and you’ll definitely reap benefits and more!

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