Add humuor to improve the calling wait experience.

How to Use Humour in Your On hold Messages for Maximum Engagement

Humour is an active ingredient to spice up life. It provides stress relief, diffuses anger and conflict, triggers the release of endorphins, and helps you live longer. Therefore, it is vital to use humour in your business marketing strategy wherever possible!

According to research conducted by Jing Gea and Ulrike Gretz about “The Role of Humour in Driving Customer Engagement.” The results show that humour is a significant predictor – with humour posts encouraging consumers to engage more. This research is an indication of the power behind using fun lines in customer engagement.

This blog post aims to outline how to use humour effectively to aid customer wait time.

What kind of humour would you appreciate?

Are you not sure about what kind of joke to make for your on hold messages? Is it challenging to think of something to leave your customers laughing? One thing you should know about humour is you can learn how to do it.

Instead of scratching your head for answers, think about a scenario that left you cracking up all day. Now think of more and use those in your on hold messages. Be natural and practice until you get it right.

Delivery of a serious message

Including funny elements into your on hold messages could come in handy when dealing with serious situations. If a customer is irate, leaving one or two punchlines at the end could break the tension. Do this with tact, and you will get the intended reaction.

Once you do it effectively, it can retain your customer’s attention and leave them feeling positive about your brand. What this means for your company are increased sales and good customer relationships.

Know when it’s appropriate

Humour in on hold messaging has to tailor towards a specific audience. If your jokes focus on youth adults, middle-aged people may not relate to it. If people can’t receive the joke well, they won’t respond to you. Inevitably, you will lose your audience.

Leave out controversial jokes

Because your goal is to leave customers happy, sometimes you don’t see that happening. If you’re working hard on your humour scripts, but don’t see the results, it could mean that some people don’t take your jokes very well. But this issue can be solved.

If you’re preparing an on hold message, make sure that it doesn’t contain any controversial subtext that may upset your customer. Controversial jokes are meant to poke fun at race, religion, politics and sex.

Don’t force it

Establishing a customer relationship is critical when making on hold messages for your business. Including humour in your business strategy is even more tricky.

When creating humour to form part of your telephone on hold messages, it should sound natural. Humour should not be about impressing the customer but about being yourself. If you’re not staying true to yourself, it will make the conversation awkward between you and the customer.

Make it relevant to your products and services

Creating jokes for on hold messages is a daunting task. Once done right, it can bring overwhelming results for your company. We can see this in most social media marketing strategies where memes are king. The more fun and exciting your content is, the more likes, comments, and shares you will get.

You can do this for your on hold messages as you promote your products and services. When people find it funny and entertaining, chances are they will be more cool, calm and collected when you speak with them next.

Delivery of humour

It’s all in how you deliver the message across that determines whether the customers will receive it or not. Things you should take note of while delivering your on hold messages are the tone, pace, and pitch of the words. If one of these doesn’t match the message, no one will find it funny.

It might take time to master the craft of humour, but if you focus on these areas, then you might have a better chance of engaging your customers to new levels.

Wrapping Up

Humour has both health and relationship benefits. Tailoring it to your business needs can also provide outstanding results. You can see this in social media businesses. Once you use humour appropriately, you can create a lasting bond with your brand and customers.

Finally if this isn’t your area, but believe in the concept why not engage a local comedian or professional on hold messaging company to take this strategy to reality for your business.

Happy Daze from the Evolved Sound team!

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