Maximising Outreach for the Holidays with Powerful Phone On Hold Messages

Maximising Outreach for the Holidays with Powerful Phone On Hold Messages

The holidays are sure to guarantee packed shops, crowded malls, and busy shopping lanes. As early as now, people are beginning their holiday shopping for holiday-themed products and services. However, a lot of people like to call up the companies of their preference to inquire about products or services or to order such items. This is a great opportunity to reach out to the customers!

On Hold Message: Why It Matters

Most of the customers calling over the customer service lines are sure to be put on hold for a certain amount of time. And the message on hold that customers will hear while waiting for their turn to be assisted is a great opportunity to maximise your company’s marketing to customers.

While the customers are being put on hold, they are certain to hear the on hold message as well as the background music. There are several components to an on hold message, and your company’s image and reach can be maximized by improving these message parts and making sure each component has the holiday cheer in them.

Proper Intro

Typically, the introductory message is one of the most crucial parts of an on hold message especially during the holidays when people start spending their cash. It is where customers are greeted and information about the company is provided, including a brief company history (if relevant), what their products and services are, work hours, and contact details.

The Voice Behind the Message

The person recording the message should have a special voice that is pleasing to the ears and not annoying. This voice talent can then record the second component of the on hold message. These are your company’s special offers and promotions for the holidays. This is very important, since as the customers are waiting, it is an opportunity for them to hear what additional promos, products, and services your company is offering for the holidays. There is always a chance that a customer is attracted by these promotions and would decide to purchase or order one. See this as your hook and opportunity to measure the return of investment of your on hold campaign.

Holiday Jingles

Never underestimate the proper selection of background music played in the on hold message. One of the ways that this can be advantageous is when you commission music artists to compose a holiday jingle specific for your company that incorporates advertising with music that delivers the spirit of the holidays as well. When there are no more messages to be played, it is usually the music that permeates the on hold program, so it is important that the music should be festive and cheery in line with the spirit of the holidays. Boring music has a great chance of irritating the customers and making them hang up. Joyful, cheerful music keeps the callers on the line and. In this way, when it’s the customer’s turn to be entertained, you have a caller who know knows a lot about your company’s products, services, and promotions, who is happy and not bored, and who is now much easier to talk (or even sell) to.

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