Points to Include in a Hotel’s Phone On Hold Message

Points to Include in a Hotel’s Phone “On Hold” Message

For people who try to call hotels, it’s a very common experience to be placed on hold. In fact, if you’re running a hotel you should expect that about 70% of all incoming calls will be put on hold. This represents a unique opportunity for you to advertise your hotel through your “on hold” message, while also reducing the rates of hang-ups.

One of the reasons why you should really consider having an “on hold” message is that you want to keep the caller on the line long enough for your staff to answer the call again. The average time a call is put on hold is about 50 seconds. But studies have also revealed that without an “on hold” message, roughly 90% of callers hang up after about 40 seconds or so. That’s a lot of inquiries and potential reservations lost because no one was able to personally respond to the call.

Another reason for embracing telephone on hold marketing for your hotel is to promote facilities and unique selling points that may entice a caller to make a reservation and feel more inspired to do business with your company.

Here are some suggestions on what you should mention:

  1. Special rates and discounts. Just about everyone enjoys the prospect of paying less for a product or service, and that includes your callers. Tell them of any time-sensitive discounts and when these promos are available. For example, you may mention reduced rates on weekends for the coming month. Some telephone on hold companies can even supply a solution whereby on hold message campaigns can automatically run between certain days or time, and even expire automatically.
  2. Mention special facilities in your hotel. Your hotel isn’t just a place where a guest sleeps. It’s a place where they can spend their money, relax, and enjoy themselves. Perhaps you can mention a topnotch gym, a highly regarded restaurant and bar in your hotel, or a dependable child care program.
  3. Advertise special packages. For example, you can promote a package for weddings, or for honeymooners. You can mention business meeting rooms, function rooms, or conference facilities. This may convince some businessmen to choose your hotel as a venue for their conference.
  4. Name nearby famous tourist attractions. There’s a very good chance that the caller plans to visit your city or area and in that case, you can mention some appealing tourist hot spots near your hotel. You can emphasise the fact that these places are only a few minutes walk or drive from your hotel so the caller can find them easily.
  5. Mention your website. You probably can’t mention everything you want to promote in a single “on hold” message, but your website can. So why not mention it? This can really work especially if you have a simple web address, such as the name-of-your-hotel.com.

Putting a caller on hold always runs the risk of alienating or boring them. But with a carefully crafted “on hold” message, you can convince a caller to stay on the line, book a room and even tell others about how cool you are!

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