Raise Customer Happiness and Increase Sales with In Store Music

Raise Customer Happiness and Increase Sales with In Store Music

Music has always been part of our lives. We have lullabies and party music, background music for work and reading, and music in films and TV shows. Music connects to us in emotional ways, and it’s this connection that makes it a valuable tool for retail stores.

  • Music can make us happy, and so we gravitate to the music we like. You can play music that can be heard by people outside your door and it will be like a siren song beckoning buyers to come in.
  • Since music makes us feel happy, people will associate your establishment with positive vibes because of your store music. This means people will want to stay longer in your store.
  • Good music that people enjoy also helps them feel more positive, so they’re less likely to become irritated by minor annoyances. When they enjoy listening to the music you’re playing, standing in line to pay for their purchases doesn’t become a tedious chore.
  • Your employees will also enjoy your store music, and this can make them friendlier and therefore more effective in doing their jobs.
  • You should make sure that the music you choose matches the preference of your typical customer profile. So if you’re selling clothes for teen girls, heavy metal music may not be the best choice. If your products are geared towards older men, then classic 90s alternative music and perhaps even 1980s new wave may be more suitable. You just have to do some research on what kind of songs they want to hear.
  • Music can also help define the personality of your store. It’s well-known that classical music, especially with violins and other orchestra string instruments, provides an upper-class atmosphere to any place. This explains why it’s the preferred background music for any place that wants to project an air of luxury. If you’re selling expensive items like jewelry or sophisticated products like wine, classical and jazz music will make your store more “posh”.
  • It is also crucial that you control the tempo of the music. While up-tempo, fast-paced music may seem like a natural option, it’s not always the optimal choice. That’s because people tend to do things faster, and so it is not the music you want that will encourage people to stay in the store longer so that they’ll spend more money.

For the most part, your best choice for your retail store music is relaxing leisurely music. This in turn lets people appreciate the atmosphere more, and they can spend more time thinking about what they should buy from your store. Just don’t play sad songs and dark ballads —you want your customers to feel happy!

The main exception to this rule is if you wish for people to hurry, such as if you’re selling fast food and you want the line to move faster.

  • You also need to keep the volume down. Music that’s too loud can be stressful, and it can even start a “fight or flight” reaction that you really don’t want in your store.

Do it right, and playing music in your store will boost your sales. The ka-ching of cash registers can also be music to your ears!

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