Five Elements of Advertising Scripts That Create Conversions

Five Elements of Advertising Scripts That Create Conversions

In TV advertisements, the script is one of the most crucial factors that can help it become memorable and compelling. That’s especially true for radio commercials, since there aren’t any visual images to emphasize your point. You’re given a limited time to reach out to people – so your job is pretty much cut out for you.

It’s hard enough to create an ad that really compels people to remember your brand and buy your product. It’s even more difficult to produce an ad that encourages people to talk about your brand. But it’s doable, and here are the steps you need to take:



  1. Know your customers. This is the very foundation of advertising, because you can’t craft an effective message if you don’t know who you’re talking to. Your ad will depend on many things about the audience: who they are, how much money they make, and how they spend their money.

The customer profile will tell you what kind of voice will be effective as a medium.  It also tells you which TV shows and radio programs you ought to place your ads.

  1. Grab their attention right away. When the TV show or radio program takes a break for commercials, so does the attention of your audience. So you have to grab it right back by starting strong. A powerful introductory line that speaks directly to your audience is a must. You need to take the “Hey you!” approach rather than a generic “Hello everyone”.

Keep your words simple and your sentences short. People will tune out of the voiceover when if you use complicated words in long-winded sentences. Keep it simple, direct, short, and to the point.

  1. Make them smile. Most people are annoyed at the very concept of commercials. They’d much rather continue to watch their favorite TV show or listen to their favorite songs on the radio. But you can catch their attention when the advertisement is funny.

You can tell a funny story, include jokes and bantering in the dialogue, or even use funny voices if you want. Your ad works when they cause listeners to laugh out loud. Lots of people like to share a joke they’ve heard, and they will want to talk about your ad with others if it’s funny.

  1. Tug at their heartstrings. You can also go for dramatic effect with the same result—you create a most memorable commercial. Talk about a serious problem and you can create a thought-provoking conversation afterwards. Or you can identify the problem that your product is meant to solve in the first place.
  2. Include an easy-to-remember contact info. In the end, you want people to buy your items or at the very least, to want to know more about your brand. So you need to make it easier for them. Don’t just read out your phone number—no one will remember it. It has to be a memorable phone number like 1-800-PRODUCT or an unforgettable website like

The script is the very backbone of your TV and radio ads, so you need to make it memorable and concise. With the right script, your commercials can make your brand more visible and consequently, increase your sales.

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