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Setting the Perfect Retail Background Music for your Customer’s Mood

Music is everywhere. You can hear it at home, at public parks, on the road, and much more within shopping malls, stores, and other establishments. It provides a positive atmosphere, which is why it’s important to play the right music to lighten people’s moods.

In retail stores, music plays an important role as it helps to increase sales and customer satisfaction, aside from just giving entertainment to people. When the right in-store overhead music plays, it encourages people to shop more, stay longer, and return to your shop whenever they want to purchase the product you are selling.

Customers tend to enjoy shopping if there’s background music playing, especially if it’s entertaining for them and not boring or annoying to listen to. Based on the study by a music tech company, and Stockholm School of Economics, a customer will likely stay longer by 42 percent inside the store if the in-store overhead music is playing compared to other stores who don’t play any music at all.

Simply playing music in the background is not just the key to attract more customers to boost your sales. For maximum results you still need develop a robust strategy. Considerations include what songs to play if it suits your brand or type of business, your target group of people, and if the type of music will be pleasing to hear by your customers. These factors will give you a thorough guide on what background music to play in your retail business and how it will affect your customer’s mood.

Choosing the genre and style of music

The style or genre of music is the first thing that customers will notice once they enter your store. That’s why choosing the perfect genre to play is a critical factor to think since this must be in line with the business brand.

To identify the genre you will choose, you should understand first what your brand is and your target group of people. Try listing down the characteristics of your business and the people whom you want to sell your product to, then look for a perfect match of music style or genre to partner it with.

For example, if your business is related to high-end products like jewelry or antique furniture, classical music is a perfect fit since the products you are selling embrace sophistication and elegance. If your business targets families, then playing cheerful and friendly in-store music helps to set the right atmosphere to invite them to come shop into your store.

A study was conducted by Texas Tech University that when a wine store changed their music to a sophisticated classical style, the customers tend to select and buy the more expensive brands. There was also another study that during the holiday season, people usually buy more holiday-related merchandise when Christmas music is playing in the background, providing it is not too frequent and annoying. This just shows how setting the right genre of music affects the thinking and judgment of a person. It also increases the chance of them buying your products or goods.

Choosing the appropriate genre and style is not enough. Once you decided on what genre to play, consider choosing the genre that has the right tempo.

Play the right retail background music tempo

Tempo is defined as the pace or speed of a certain section of music that is being played. How fast or how slow the music affects the movement of customers entering your store. Slow music helps customers to spend more time and relax inside your store while fast tempo music causes your customers to also move fast and decreases the time for them to check your products in greater detail and gravitate to buy.

A study was conducted in 1982 investigating the effect of musical tempo to customers’ buying behaviors in a grocery store in New York City. The result showed that slower music causes shoppers to spend more time in the store and also resulted in an increase in product sales.

Therefore, businesses must consider the desired tempo for their customers when choosing the right music to play.

Control the volume

Measuring the music volume’s impact can also affect how long your customer spends or stayd in your store. In 1966, Smith and Curnow conducted an experiment and the results showed that loud music causes lesser time for customers to stay and shop unlike when softer music is being played.

People’s age should also be considered when setting the music’s volume. Based on other studies, younger people can tolerate and enjoy higher volumes than older ones. This will lead you to also consider analyzing your target customers carefully to understand how you will set the appropriate volume.

Know your customers mood and behaviour

Now that you know the factors you need to consider in playing in-store music, don’t forget to analyze the group of people that visit your store or buy your product often. You need to have a record of the average customer you have throughout the day. This will help you with what music to play at a specific time. You need to set the right timing and familiarize yourself with the latest music trends.

For example, if your business focuses on family, you must consider playing songs or music that are also appropriate for the youth. It is advisable to play contemporary music between 11 in the morning up to 4 in the afternoon during weekdays since this is the time when school aged people will visit. You then may consider more Top 40 tracks between 4 to 6pm in the afternoon.

Remember to always set the best music at the right time to assure more customer satisfaction. Checking and improving your playlist can help improve the performance of your business. If yours is currently facing a low number of sales, consider changing and setting the right in-store music to play.

Remember that choosing the right background music for your brand can help you gain more profit. So choose wisely!

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