The Value in Professional On Hold Messages Compared to Recording Yourself


What if we tell you that ordinary phone recordings can potentially make you lose up to 90% of your callers?

On the other hand, service information, recorded by professionals, can bring in new paying customers. This has proven to increase requests to services and products by 12 %.

Nobody wants to be put on hold, especially when dealing with a frustrating issue. Many hate hearing a beeping sound.

In 5 minutes, 32.3% of callers drop their calls, as stated in Google consumer survey 2019. In addition to that, 90% of callers hang up when they are made to wait in silence for over forty seconds.

To curb the number of prospects you can lose on hold, you may consider recording messages for your clients and prospects.

However, nothing beats the value of on-hold message recordings customised by marketing experts. Callers hearing information-on-hold will typically stay on the line for more than 3 minutes.

A tactical on hold message recording can serve as your company’s ambassador when a live staff member isn’t available. The custom telephone on hold message can promote offers and products, entertain callers, while also providing answers to FAQs.

When the right words are combined with carefully selected music and exceptional voice talent, the on-hold message will communicate your brand’s goal to your callers. In contrast to making callers hear an ordinary phone recording, strategic scripts provide a feast of information that makes prospects desire to know more.

On Hold Messaging for Business 

Every time my phone rings, I’ve paid for that call. Businesspeople, like you and me, can’t afford to lose any prospects. If a caller hanged up before our staff could serve him/her, then we might’ve lost someone willing to pay for what we can offer.

Caller abandonment results in lost sales and wasted marketing funds.

Several studies and surveys, including the OHMA 2019 survey, have proven that scripts from a reliable on hold message service provider can keep callers happily waiting longer for a CS representative.

An interactive message, which prompts callers to do something or which provides valuable data, combined with the right music, can reduce frustration and stress.

Professional On Hold Messages Vs Recording Yourself

On hold messages crafted and produced by professionals are generally way better than something hashed together by a staff member.

In the OHMA survey, about 88% of the respondents reported that professional on hold messages helped them to increase their revenues. In addition, 24% said that their new customised communication systems brought in more sales than their old ones.

Incorporate brand awareness

Many prospects may have their first exposure to your brand when they enquire about one of your ads. Just like your social media page and website, the welcome message and on hold recording for your business can serve as the front door for your store. 

By including all necessary facts that could drive leads, callers will recall your brand under different conditions.  

Some common topics to include in your on hold messages

  • Website address
  • Service/product benefits
  • A tagline
  • Operating hours
  • Social media pages
  • Accreditation’s and awards
  • Number of years in business.
  • What makes my business unique
  • Answer FAQs

Customising on hold messages for specific clients.

No two clients are the same. Your phone system should have scripts tailored to match your target customer, business goals and caller experience.

Final Words

Just because you’ve chosen to save a little by recording your phone recordings, you risk losing some or many customers. Don’t let this happen. 

As business people, we should make every effort to provide an optimum customer service experience to our callers. Instead of making them wait in silence or hear our dull voices, entertain and inform them with customised on hold messages.  This should not be seen as an expense but an investment that fast pays for itself.

By doing so, we’re not only improving the reputation of our brands, but we’re also enticing callers to engage and spend more with your business.

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