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Vet Clinic On Hold Messages: How to Engage & Relax Callers

No one likes to be put on hold. It’s one of the single most annoying experiences that you can have over the phone. Even if you are in a relatively relaxed and patient mood, the dreaded “please hold” reply is one notch above “your case is terminal” as far as things you want to hear.

If you are the owner of a vet clinic, you need to deal with this reality. There are times when you simply are going to have to put a patient on hold. There is no way you process a new case, prescribe a treatment, dispense medication, and chat with a caller at the same time. Something has to give and someone has to go on hold.

Top Quality On Hold Messages Are a Must

Since you are going to inevitably have to put someone on hold, it matters very much how you treat them. Once you have them there, you need to at least inform or entertain them as they wait. It’s a good idea to spice up their waiting time with some valuable info that they can make use of in a productive manner.

Waiting on hold doesn’t have to be a tedious, aggravating experience. You can use this time wisely by including a special prerecorded message that gives your patients info they can use. You can also include soothing music that can help to keep them in a calm and relaxed mood. This is a combo that will ensure your patients stay on the line.

For this purpose, we recommend consulting with an expert whose specialty is on hold messaging for your exact industry. As experts in this field Evolved Sound that can furnish your vet practice with state of the art vet surgery on hold messages. Our firm can offer a series of handy on hold messages that will keep your callers waiting patiently.

Give Your On Hold Callers Valuable Info

One of the best ways to use your vet clinic on hold messages is as a means of giving your callers a series of very valuable info. This can include your operating hours, when you can be reached for questioning, all of your various locations on the internet, and the type of tech you use in your procedures.

You can also use your vet clinic on hold messages to give other forms of crucial info. For example, you can record a special message that gives callers info on how to prepare their pet for a visit to your clinic. This will ensure that everyone is in the best possible mood when they arrive with their pet for treatment at your practice.

You can use your on hold message to establish credibility by sharing info about your clinic. Let people know how long you’ve been in business, how much experience you possess as a vet, what your specialties are, etc. You can also give info about your specific educational background and what certifications you may have received.

Finally, it’s important to note that the real purpose of an informative on hold message is to keep callers from hanging up in frustration. Giving them info that they can make use of is an excellent way to keep them from feeling like they are wasting their time. Give them news they can use and they will usually stay on the line.

Make Sure Your Content and Music Are On Brand

When you plan your new series of vet surgery hold messages, you need to be sure that your info and music match seamlessly with your brand. As the owner of a vet clinic, you naturally should insist that all of your on hold message content reflects this general purpose. This means paying special attention to content in both areas.

The music you choose should be light and soothing. Keep it relaxed, melodic, and quiet. You don’t want your background choice of music to be boisterous in a way that alienates your listener. It’s basically meant to be an agreeable background to the info message that you intend your on hold listeners to focus on.

Your callers are on the line for a reason. They are concerned about their pet’s state of health. The most important thing is to let them know that you are not ignoring them. You can give them a message that is specially tailored to relax and soothe them while also giving valuable info. This will keep them in a receptive state of mind.

Contact Us Today for More Info

Devising your own hold message and choosing music to underlay it may not really be your special area of talent. As a vet clinic owner, you most importantly have many other duties that require your attention. This is why it’s best to delegate this task to an industry professional that can handle all of the details on your behalf.

If you would like to know more about our special hold messages for vet clinics, let us know. We can give you all of the info you require to choose the style of message that is right for your needs. This includes special samples and excerpts. Feel free to get in touch with us today to learn about what we can do on behalf of your clinic.

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