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How to Create an Amazing Music Experience for your Shoppers

It can feel ominous and uncomfortable when people go into stores without any sounds or music. Due to this, many businesses will add in store music to help customers feel comfortable and enjoy their shopping experience. So let’s discuss why your store should have music playing in it and look through a few tips that will assist you with the process.

Why You Should Have Music in Your Store

Even though it seems like a small detail, your business can greatly benefit from playing music to your customers. First, if you know what your customers like, then you can cater to their favourite music so they will enjoy shopping in your store. This alone makes it ideal for you to consider how to maximise your ROI with this strategy.

If your customers like the music, then they will form positive opinions of your business. This, in turn, will encourage them to return to your store since they may like your store and form a unique connection with it. This will then help you to increase your sales as you have more people return to your store and make purchases from you.

Stores That Benefit from Music

A variety of stores can and do benefit from playing the right curated music. This matters because you will want to use different types of music and programming strategies depending on the store you manage.

Important Tips

Since you understand the importance of music in your store, you may wonder how you should go about the process. We want to mention some important tips so you can ensure that you follow your local laws and grab the attention of your customers. Let’s discuss some key tips so you can use your retail music system properly.

Avoid Generic Playlists

Some store owners will pick whatever popular songs play on the radio, but you need to remember that your shoppers already hear that music often. They won’t alays want to listen to the same songs from the radio, so you it is often wise to avoid these generic playlists. Instead, you should focus on customised in store music playlist that really connects with your target market.

Know Your Demographic

You should focus on paying attention to your demographics to find the best music for your customers. If you want to do this, then you must pay attention to what your customers like and you can even offer surveys to find out what they want you to play. This way, your retail store music system can play the songs that your customers will enjoy.

Legal Play

Remember that you need to consider your local laws to ensure that you play music legally. If you don’t have the proper permission or necessary licenses to use those songs in your store, then you could face legal repercussions.

Try Different Playlists

As you pick some songs for your business, you should try out different playlists to see if your customers enjoy them. On top of this, your demographics may vary depending on the day and time, so you may wish to alternate playlists accordingly. Doing so will help you to play the best music that meets your changing customers at specific time points.

Test and Measure

Remember that you can always test and measure your background music. This means that your business should see how the music impacts your sales and returning customers. You can do this over the course of a month and then change the playlist in the following month to see how those changes influence your business and its success.

Cover Double The Needs

As a business, you always need ways to communicate with your shoppers to keep them informed about different promotions. Using your in store radio program to play your own radio advertisements can be an exceptional strategy. It costs a lot less than running regular paid advertising, and the returns can be excellent to nurture brand loyalty and increase spending.

Getting Started

Once you figure out the music you want to play and you have permission to play those songs, you can get started on the rest of your system. You can find a reliable system or in store music supplier for your store and get it setup. If you don’t know how to install it or properly set it up, then you can hire a contractor to assist you with the process.

It’s important for you to prepare this framework before you go through with the process. This means that you should create your plan beforehand and consider the points listed above before you try and add a music system into your store. Doing so will help you to minimize issues and ensure that it simply maximises your customers’ shopping experiences.


Whether you need some slow and relaxing restaurant music or popular music for your shopping mall, you have plenty of options available. Make sure that you consider all of them so you can create an amazing music experience for your shoppers. Doing so will help your business to stand out so you can encourage your customers to say longer, spend more and return to your store.

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