Using Familiar Voices vs. Unique Voices for Your Advertising

Using Familiar Voices vs. Unique Voices for Your Advertising

People today tend to ignore advertisements on local channels. They gravitate more and more to the ABC for example where advertisements are fewer (or sometimes even none) and generally speaking, they don’t really pay attention to advertisements. People go to the bathroom, get a drink, or read the newspaper during breaks.

That’s why more and more advertisements are using unique voices for their voice-overs.

The Use of Familiar Voices in Advertising

Just recently, some corporations tried to use more familiar voices in their advertisements. The rationale behind this move seemed obvious. A familiar voice can make people feel more relaxed and at ease, and they may trust the brand more because the voice is familiar. Since it feels like they know the voice, then it seems like they also know the brand. And if they think they know the brand, then they may be more likely to buy. This leads to increased sales, and greater profits.

But there are unintended consequences to using familiar voices. Many brands find (to their dismay) that many corporations were using the same types of voices. These voice talents are in high demand, and their voices are being used by numerous companies for their ads. As a result, they all sound alike. There are no distinctions between them. Even companies competing in the same industry are using the same voices.

The Emergence of the Unique Voice

In this landscape where everyone seems to sound alike, one way of standing out in your advertising efforts is to use a unique voice. Having a unique voice in your voice-over can grab your viewer’s or listeners attention, simply because the voice is, well, different. And that’s the point of advertising, isn’t it? You want to grab their attention so that you can bring them your message.

A unique voice can also help define your brand image. You want people to know more about your company, and to associate certain ideas and principles. With the right voice, your brand can be playful and fun or somber and serious. While visual images are crucial, the unique voice you use for your advertisements can help define and make your brand distinct immediately.

Find the Unique Voice

Perhaps the most notable unique voices in advertising today are from TV and film actors. People are familiar with these voices already, so you still get the advantage of familiarity. But these actors also don’t do a lot of advertising work, so you can be unique.

By using famous actors in your voice-overs, you can immediately catch your viewer’s attention. This gives you the opportunity to spread your message.

But you don’t have to restrict your choices to famous celebrities, who may charge quite a bit of money. You can scour talents from obscure radio stations which few people listen to. That would give you a professional talent that’s still fresh and new. You can also look at the speech department at local colleges, where the talents are raw but the voices are new and unique.

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