Why You Should Reference Your Website on Telephone On Hold Messages

Why You Should Reference Your Website on Telephone On Hold Messages

When a customer calls your hotline, it’s likely if you’re running a busy operation that they’ll be put on hold at some point during their conversation with your customer support representative. In general, most companies are content to simply play some music that the caller will hear while being placed on hold. But research studies reveal that this isn’t always the best way to make use of telephone on hold messages. For greater results, it may be more effective to mention your company’s website in the on hold message.

Benefits of Referencing Your Website

At first glance, mentioning your website is just like playing music while the caller is on hold. It’s much better than utter silence, and the caller is assured that they’re still connected. But mentioning the website is much more practical, because it directs the caller to a relevant source of information. The caller may then hang up the phone and go to your website instead.

Referencing your website also means that your on hold messages don’t have to be too wordy because your website contains all the necessary details that the caller is searching. This may include clearly written articles, portfolio photos, fact sheets, order forms or even feature videos for demonstrations. By having your customers check your website for information instead of speaking with one of your representatives can often resolve their query right there and then.

And even if the caller stays on the line, at the very least the mention of your website builds up your brand perona and company profile. It’s basically a free opportunity to advertise and build your brand. The message may even also mention other products and services your company is offering. According to studies, callers in general stay on the line for a longer time when they have a message to listen to, compared to music or your competitors radio advertisements. In a CNN survey, it was found that 70% of callers who had to wait in silence hung up after 60 seconds, and a large number never call back ever again (because they decided to go to your competitor!).

Tips to Keep in Mind

In order to maximize the results from mentioning your company website, it also helps if the website address is short and easy to pronounce. When you talk about products and services, you should also mention the exact section of the website where the caller can obtain more information from. Don’t say ‘www’ if your website can be reached without typing this in, just straight to the actual address.

In more ways than one, your telephone on hold messages can increase the traffic to your website. It will inform your callers that you have, in fact, a website that they can go to.

You also have the option to create a special page on your website specifically for those who learned about it from your on hold message. That way you can assess and directly measure how effective your on hold messages are in directing traffic to your site and in increasing awareness about your products and services.

As a business owner, you can’t waste any opportunity to boost your brand’s image. By mentioning your website in your on hold messages, you can easily enjoy substantial benefits at virtually no extra cost!

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