Creating On Hold Messages That Cater to Specific Industries

Creating On Hold Messages That Cater to Specific Industries

Many businesses have taken the opportunity to engage more effectively with customers using their telephone on hold messages. However, instead of a generic on hold message you may want to customise your on hold message to better suit the industry you belong to. Each type of industry tends to have different types of callers, and you seriously take those differences into consideration.

Here are some ways you can tailor your on hold messages:

  • Hotels. Take the opportunity to tell your callers about any new services or promotions you may offer as well as various packages you have available.
  • Dental practices. You can tell your callers about the different services and treatments you provide, as well as any specialised procedures available. Your message should be friendly and reassuring, as many people do fear going to the dentist.
  • Veterinary clinics. Callers who need emergency help should be advised to bring their pet to your clinic as soon as possible. If it’s not an emergency, then your on hold message can talk about health care tips for pet dogs and cats lovers for example.
  • Insurance. Many callers want to enquire about insurance rates and benefits. Your on hold message can also tell them about other types of insurance that they may need as side or up-sell.
  • IT company. Most of your callers are businesses who want to ask for help from experts regarding their IT needs. You can tell them about your IT specialisations, though you should refrain from using overly technical jargon.
  • Real estate. As you may expect, your callers are often people who are either looking to buy, sell or rent a house. You may tell them more about your services, but the goal is to reassure callers about your trustworthiness and strengths within the local market you serve.
  • Car dealerships. Most callers will inquire about the cars they would like to buy. Your on hold messages should inform your callers about how your car dealership is worthy of their trust.
  • Heating & Cooling  Contractors. Don’t forget to mention how long your company has been in the HVAC industry, as this will encourage and reassure your callers about your service workers’ professionalism and expertise.

You may have noticed that these tips emphasise how you should tailor your on hold message specifically to the profile of your typical callers. The main point here is to keep your callers occupied and engaged, which means you should tell them what they want to hear. It’s about talking with them and not at them, using the most appropriate voices and language that will best connect with your valued callers.

Of course, your on hold messages should sound professional while at the same time pleasant and informative. But you need to customise your message to suit the callers of your industry, so that you can ensure that they stay on the line and actually enjoy calling your hotline.

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