The Dangers of Silence On Hold

The Dangers of Silence On Hold

What’s Wrong with Silence?

Just imagine that you are calling a particular company, and then they put you on hold. While waiting, there’s just silence on the line. Pretty soon, your thoughts begin to wander and you start wondering. Are you still connected? Is anyone even trying to connect me to the person I’m supposed to talk to? Have they forgotten that I’m still on the line?
Then soon enough you realise that you have better things to do than wait, especially when you suspect that they’re not treating you as well as you deserve.
These are the very same thoughts that your callers will have, when you have silence on the line while they’re placed on hold. Studies show that when people encounter only silence, they tend to hang up rather quickly. The average time people wait is about 40 seconds.
What’s more, most of the time they won’t call back. Why should they, when they’ll just encounter that same silence again? They have better things to do!

Soothing Music
What you have to understand is that when people are on hold, you have the opportunity to direct their thoughts. Their call affects the impression you make on them, and the silence on the line certainly doesn’t leave them a very good impression of your company.

So what can you do? One option is for you to play tailored on hold music. This at least confirms that the line is still open. In addition, music can affect the emotions of your listeners. If they’re irate, perhaps some soothing music can calm them down. Your music can also define your personality, and this can help your customers identify with your brand. You can play pop music if your callers are teens or classic rock if they’re mostly older men. You can even play classical music to raise the appeal of your brand (and to avoid licensing fees).
Just don’t use the radio for your waiting callers. Aside from licensing fees, you also don’t want to risk having your callers hear the radio commercials of your competitors.

An Opportunity
If you don’t want them to hear your competitor’s commercials, why not let them hear yours? You can inform them of any special sales or discounts you’re currently offering. You can also tell them about any upcoming events or products that may be on the horizon.

When your callers are waiting, you have the chance to help them think about your brand in a positive way. At the very least, you can keep them from being bored or from thinking that your company is inefficient! So use a fully customised On Hold System that keeps your callers entertained, informed and engaged, so you don’t end up driving them away.

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