Fantastic Customer Service is a Culture, Not a Procedure

Fantastic Customer Service is a Culture, Not a Procedure!

Many people seem to think that there’s a step-by-step process for providing fantastic customer service. Quite a few managers who try to lead their company’s customer service departments seem to think so, and so do some small business owners who deal with their customers directly.

But the truth is that proper customer service isn’t really a series of steps you take in sequence. It’s actually a philosophy and an attitude, wherein every aspect or element of the service has customer satisfaction in mind.

That said, keep in mind the following:

  • Walk the talk. If you’re the leader of your business organization, then everyone in the company looks up to you as an example. And one way to demonstrate that you really do care about your customers is to issue directives that make this obvious.

For example, you can keep your prices low even if you cut on your profits. Or perhaps you take the time to listen to a customer complaint and then make every effort to resolve the issue.

  • Everyone in the company should be aware of the importance of customer satisfaction. You need to make this official and obvious. Make it a criterion in your employees’ annual performance assessment. Include it in your company slogan or advertisements. Put up signs and posters reminding your employees of the need to provide quality service.

The employees should be aware of this philosophy, and your customers should know about it as well.

  • Empower and reward your employees when they provide great service. Your employees should be allowed to deal with customers and to help them right away, instead of having to consult their managers for advice. When employees know that it’s alright for them to act on their own should the need arise, they can immediately help the customer which is crucial when dealing with complaints.

And when employees make a habit of putting customers first, reward them as you see fit. Sometimes all it takes is a good word and a compliment, as it tells them that you notice these things. You can even award a bonus to them based on your customer’s impression of your employees.

It’s like rewarding a sales agent who had the most number of sales, but this time you are acknowledging the employees who have been most helpful to your customers. In some ways, it’s just as important.

Everyone knows that it’s much harder to sell to a new customer than to sell to a previous or current customer. This is what you want to do—to make sure that your customers come back again and again. It is the quality of your customer service that will keep them loyal to you, and it’s what drives them to recommend your company to their friends and family. When your company as a whole puts customer satisfaction above all else, you are building a solid foundation for your business and give it a higher chance of success.

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