How to Maximise Inbound Call Sales

How to Maximise Inbound Call Sales

As any marketer knows, an outbound call (originating from the office to the potential customer) isn’t exactly a very effective way of marketing. The painful truth is that the people you reach out to are often annoyed by your call; they’d rather be doing something else. But an inbound call is a more valuable opportunity. That’s because this time, it’s the potential customer who has reached out to you. Even if they’re just making enquiries, it’s your chance to make a pitch.

So how do you maximise the full potential of these inbound calls and generate more sales through them? Here are some tips that can help:

Make It Easier for People to Call You

In other words, your phone number has to be everywhere. It shouldn’t be a state secret. Instead, you have to display it on your landing pages and perhaps on every page on your website. It should be included in your lead forms and in your emails. Even your articles, blog posts, and white papers should include them.

Why is this important? It’s because you give the impression that you have nothing to hide and that you actually want to engage a potential caller. If you give someone an alternative way of making contact, they get the impression that you really do welcome their approach.

So include your phone number in your advertisements. Google says that you should use click-to-call buttons on your mobile websites, as 70% of your visitors may use it to contact you. This is a really easy way to make a phone call, instead of having to memorise your number.

The way you present your phone numbers and your click to call buttons matter a great deal. You should use A/B testing to make sure that the look, size, colour, style, and placement of your phone numbers and click to call buttons are more effective than other alternatives.

Enable Call Tracking

With call tracking, you can find out exactly what spurred the caller to make the phone call. You may find out what keywords they were using, what online advertisement they saw, and what web page they were on when they made the call. That way, you can identify which of these triggers are worth putting more of your marketing money on.

Call tracking can even have your desk support have the info regarding the caller’s previous online activity. With that data in hand, your customer service staff can be guided on what the caller’s concerns are. Even if the caller is not ready to buy anything, this info can really help you form the most appropriate follow up message.

Use Call Content for Info

You can then use what the caller said as part of your intel-gathering. You can use this opportunity to ask questions, or to test a new sales pitch.

Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Boost the number of inbound calls you get, and use them to improve your marketing. Doing so should lead to greater sales farther down the road, and that’s always a good thing.

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